Trip 1

TRIP TO CORINTH AND ARGOLIS (duration 8-9 hours)
This trip takes you south from Athens and via the Canal of Corinth (where we stop) to the Peloponnesian Peninsula. Optional visits are : Canal of Corinth, Site of Ancient Corinth, Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, Ancient acropolis of Mycenae, Nafplio

Possible visits:
1. Canal of Corinth:
Stop for photos, facilities, refreshments etc for about 30 minutes.
2. Site of Ancient Corinth:
Visit the remains of a Roman colony, as well as the place which is related a lot to St Paul, as one of the places he visited in Greece in order to teach Christianity.
3. Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus:
The best preserved ancient Greek theatre, famous about its perfect acoustic although it has no roof (!), used up to nowadays for the Epidaurus festival, major cultural event organized every summer.
4. Ancient acropolis of Mycenae:
The place where the palace of the King Agamemnon –leader of the Greeks in the Trojan war- has been excavated, as well as the cemetery where the members of the royal family were buried. The famous “beehived” tombs are here!
5. Stop for photos in NAFPLIO, first capital of Greece before Athens, visit local ceramic workshop, enjoy lunch in a local restaurant.
If you choose this tour, you should make a choice to visit two out of the above three mentioned SITES ( Ancient Corinth – Theatre of Epidaurus – Acropolis of Mycenae) because there is no time in a one day trip to visit all unless we could plan an overnight stay.

Trip 2

This trip takes you north from Athens in one of the most beautiful mountainous places in Greece: DELPHI. We drive outside of Athens, passing by fertile plains and cotton fields, enjoying some of the typical Greek countryside.

Stops and Visits:
1) Stop on the way for facilities and refreshments.
2) Upon arrival in DELPHI, which is located on the slopes of the beautiful mountain Parnassus, we visit the archeological site and the museum. We see where the “Pythia” was hypnotized, in order to speak on behalf of the god Apollo and give the answers to the people, which were going there from all over in order to receive some advice from the god! In the museum, among other impressive artifacts, the highlight is the Bronze Statue of the CHARIOTEER, a unique masterpiece of the ancient Greek sculpture.
3) Stop for lunch in a local restaurant.
4) Stop for photos and shopping in the traditional mountain village of ARACHOVA, famous about its rugs and woolen carpets called “Flokati”!
This is an ideal trip for people that have never realized that the 70% of Greece is fully covered by mountains and believe that Greece is a flat country, full with coastal roads and islands only. This tour gives you an idea of the unexplored part of Greece, which is ideal for winter holidays too (skiing centers etc).

Trip 3

1) Classical 4 or 5 days Land Tour with overnights in Nafplio, Olympia, Delphi and Meteora-Kalambaka.
2) One or more days-cruises to the Greek islands.
Upon request, we could plan together the trip you are dreaming of, even if it includes places I haven’t mentioned above! My License as a Tour Guide permits me to guide you ANYWHERE in Greece! So, just contact me and inform me about what you have in mind! It will come true!